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    Angeles Wing

    Angeles has built a flexible platform by which custom client needs can be met.

    OCIO Services and Solutions OCIO Services and Solutions


    We offer total portfolio management, as well as focused solutions that can bring targeted exposure to an overall portfolio. These solutions are summarized below. How these solutions are implemented through our proprietary investment management process is described in greater detail in Investment Management .

    • Total Portfolio Management - Chart Total Portfolio Management - Chart

      In partnership with our clients, we set investment goals and establish a long-term asset allocation framework. We augment traditional asset allocation with an opportunistic and fundamental view of markets, allocating to niche opportunities and mispriced asset classes as market conditions unfold.

    • We turn the traditional portfolio construction process on its head and start by building a portfolio with what we believe are the most exceptional investment managers, regardless of asset class. Rather than reflexively filling each asset class category with mediocre active managers, we achieve our asset allocation goals by filling the gaps with low-fee passive instruments.

    • We manage risk by monitoring underlying manager positions and measuring overall portfolio exposures to various fundamental and macroeconomic risks. This enables us to affirm intended exposures and mitigate those unintended.


    Angeles has built a flexible platform by which custom client needs can be met. Focused solutions offer intentional exposure within an overall portfolio.

    • Institutional Pie Chart Institutional Pie Chart

      Angeles manages pooled investment vehicles that serve the needs of many of our clients in different asset classes. We believe we have found World-class public and private investments, sometimes not easily accessible to other institutions due to high minimums, closed status or capacity constraints and complexity of underwriting, monitoring and administration drive performance. Economies of scale benefit clients through lowered costs in public markets and preferential legal rights in private markets.

    • Institutional Pie Chart Institutional Pie Chart

      Angeles has identified global structural trends that offer long-term investment opportunities. Portfolios offer unique access to the innovation economy.

    • Institutional Pie Chart Institutional Pie Chart

      Angeles offers a full spectrum of collaboration, from discretionary to advisory, depending on what makes sense for each client, their governing structure, and investment program.

      Discretionary / Advisors Arrow Discretionary / Advisors Arrow

      Angeles, a pioneer of discretionary OCIO investment services, has managed customized discretionary investment programs since 2002. Our firm is GIPS® compliant and our track-record spanning multiple market cycles illustrates our ability to add value. Worldwide reach and a patient and disciplined process deliver excellence across public and private markets.


      Angeles has its origins as an advisory firm, and today retains a number of advisory-only relationships.

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