Angeles Wing


    • Comprehensive Investment Solutions


      • Angeles is a multi-asset investment firm, providing sophisticated, customized investment solutions to institutional and private wealth clients.
      • We believe no two clients are identical when considering their mission, values, investment objectives, financial and operational strength, and ability to bear risk. This is what drives us to offer solutions tailored to meet their unique needs.
      • Our client relationships are built on the foundation of sound governance and prudent fiduciary practices. Only from there can a successful investment program deliver consistently strong investment performance.
      • No single investment manager can deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns for a global portfolio. Our open architecture structure and reputation for being a thoughtful patient investor has afforded us access to the best managers, including ones that may have been closed or had limited capacity. We expect to continue this level of access in the future.
      • Angeles nurtures a culture of respect, integrity, and diversity, while fostering professional growth and learning. This attractive environment has contributed to the stability and collegiality of our team.
      • We are proud of our clients’ success, which drives us to be better and work harder for them and ourselves.

      as of June 30, 2022

      • Oversee approximately $6 billion in OCIO relationships, as well as over $31.9 billion in consulting relationships.*
      • 79 client relationships with over 40% of our clients being with us for over 10 years.**
      • Our investment officers have an average of 25 years investment experience and over 10 years at Angeles.
      • GIPS® compliant firm since 2002.***
      • Independent, 100% employee-owned firm founded in 2001.
      • SEC-registered investment adviser.

      *OCIO assets represent SEC regulatory assets under management. For the $31.9 billion in consulting assets, Angeles does not have discretion over the asset allocation decisions but does charge a fee.
      **Includes time spent at Asset Strategy Consulting
      ***Angeles claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). GIPS® is a registered trademark owned by CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein.

    • Institutional Investors


      Across the institutional landscape we work with a variety of investors to construct customized investment solutions. Foundations, endowments, and other non-profit institutions represent the majority of our client relationships, and we have extensive experience working with pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies. We bring deep expertise to develop long-term investment solutions, while balancing spending and liquidity needs.

    • Private Wealth


      We provide institutional-quality solutions to select private wealth investors and family offices. Our team works closely with our clients to understand each investor’s unique considerations (ranging from near-term liquidity needs to longer-term investment goals, generational planning, family dynamics and tax considerations) as we build sophisticated and customized comprehensive investment programs.

    History - Office Photo History - Office Photo

    Founded in 2001, we were then, and remain today, an independent, employee-owned firm.

    We have always preferred a close partnership with our clients, viewing ourselves as an extension of their organization by functioning as their investment office. In fact, we modeled our organizational structure to mirror that of a large non-profit operation, with deep expertise spanning the front and back office.

    Over our history we have added to the depth of our skills, the breadth of our experience, and the quality of our analytical tools. It is our belief that value from this will accrue to our clients, as we strive to deliver sophisticated investment solutions in an ever evolving global landscape. As patient, long-term investors with a selective client base, we focus on truly unique investment opportunities and construct portfolios that we believe will deliver successful outcomes over time.

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